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5 Free WordPress Themes to Get You Started as a Book Blogger



It’s not enough to just write well, this age is about presentation. The display and look matters and can make a big difference. This applies to books, blogs and book blogs too. 🙂

Your WordPress blog’s theme is part of the presentation package of your blog. The theme is the basic framework of how your blog will be laid out, the colours it will have, the fonts, and such. It’s reflects your personality and says something about you.

A good theme is tuned for your subject and enhances your writing. But finding the right theme for you isn’t always straight forward. So, to start you off here are 5 excellent themes that work great for book bloggers. And they are free too!

5 Ways to Make Your WordPress Book Blog Beautiful

Blog layout and design is just as important as writing in the blog world. It’s like in the world of books; an author may have written a great book but if the cover isn’t eye-catchy, a lot of readers would just give it a pass. A book doesn’t become a best-seller just because of it’s content, it’s cover, font, paper and other attributes play an important role in helping it climb up the lists. Blogs are no different.

But how do you get yourself an awesome blog theme, layout and design? To answer this question we went through over 50 top book blogs and here’s what we found out… (more…)