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10 Must Read Book Trilogies


Last week I talked about Best-selling Book Series of All Time. All that searching and researching for various series and books got me thinking about Trilogies.

There are a lot of Trilogies out there and they are just one type of series, but what are the current best-selling trilogies? Which trilogies are a must read? Which ones should you not miss for sure? What trilogies should you be adding to your to-read-list?

To answer all these questions I did some more research and put together a list of 10 book trilogies you should not miss. Here’s the list, let me know your thoughts and favorites in comments. 🙂


10 Best-Selling Book Series Of All Time

Photo Credit: Canton Public Library
Photo Credit: Canton Public Library

What does Harry Potter, The Belgariad and Narnia have in common? Yes, they all belong to the fantasy genre but aside from that, they are all a series of books and best-sellers too!

Wikipedia defines a book series as “a sequence of books having certain characteristics in common that are formally identified together as a group.” Simply put a series is a collection of books that share a common setting, story, set of characters or timeline. A book series can be written in any genre, even non-fiction.

Some series have books that are stand alone and can be read in any order while other series books are so dependent on each other that you must read them in the right order, else you won’t enjoy them. There’s no upper limit to the number of books in a series either, some series have over 300 books!

Since books have been written in series since books existed, we got wondering about which series has sold the most number of books till date. Here are the series we found in the top 10 best-sellers…