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5 Must-Do Author Reading Challenges


There are some authors who have become classics in their own right. They have etched their name in the annuals of history and all such things. Basically they are names that are simply famous and almost always recognizable.

Authors like these are challenges by themselves don’t you think? What I mean is, that they deserve a challenge all to themselves, they and their books should be the only subject of the challenge. Tall order? Not really, because I found a lot of Author Challenges out there.  Here are 5 that you just shouldn’t miss…


5 Never-Ending Reading Challenges



Until now all posts that we have done on reading challenges have been mostly yearly challenges, that is they begin is January and end in December. But I got wondering if those where the only type of challenges out there. Yes, there are those challenges with are for 5 years and such sometimes, but are there any challenges that run forever?

Most posts on this blog have come about because of a question and this post is no exception. 🙂 My question led me on a hunt for never-ending challenges across the internet and I did find them, in a variety of genres and types. Here are 5 perpetual reading challenges that I wanted to get started on right away!