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10 Hilarious Someecards For Book Lovers

On Monday I shared 10 Hilarious Book Memes For Book Lovers here on the blog. Shortlisting 10 had been tough considering the number of cool memes out there. But as I searched for image memes across the internet, I came across a lot of postcards from Someecards, some so-so but others just plain hilarious.

Someecards is a site that allows you to make funny ecards and send them to people. You can customized almost everything on your card and even share them in the User Cards section from where the funniest ones are chosen and featured on the homepage.

Here are 10 Someecards that I think other bookish folk will enjoy too. Don’t forget to tell us which ones made you laugh in comments. 🙂


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10 Hilarious Book Memes For Book Lovers

Last week we talked about Bookish Memes – features or posts that run on specific days and are all about a specific topic. But memes started out as pictures – photos that had text added to them before they were made into greeting cards in the 1870’s, a time long before the internet.

Over a century later, there are a lot more types of memes but the one that catches the eye the most and is still the most popular is the image meme. These are usually photos, drawings, cartoons or images on which when you change the text, the image still makes sense. Just change the words and you have an all new meme.

Take a look at these memes of the Literary Husky….

dog 3


Meme directories are overflowing with memes. The fact that the same image can be made into so many memes, makes for infinite possibilities, but, we braved the meme ocean to find these 10 gems that will resonate with all book lovers! Don’t forget to tell us which ones you loved best in comments. 🙂 (more…)

Seven Book Blogger Memes for Your Book Blogging Week

Did you know Meme is short for ‘mimeme’ which is a Greek word that means ‘imitated thing’?

Meme’s have been around for a while now, one of the first known cat memes dates back to the 1870’s when Harry Frees took photos of his cats, added text to them and made them into greeting cards. Meme’s however were first defined only in 1976 by Richard Dawkins in his book The Selfish Gene.

Meme’s have come a long way since then and today they are all over the internet is various shapes, sizes and types. But the ones we are interested in, are the ones related to book bloggers. These are usually a feature or post that is published regularly on a specific day, around a specific topic. The book blog or website that hosts the meme invites and engages other book bloggers to participate.

Hunting for meaningful memes we came across a lot of book related memes hosted by book bloggers out there. Here are seven interesting and quirky memes we think you should participate in if your are a book blogger. One for everyday of the week 🙂 (more…)