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5 Unusual Libraries From Around the World

Libraries are one of the most favorite places of book lovers. The only other place that might come close is a book store. But libraries aren’t always just buildings filled with books, they can also have a weirdness and uniqueness not found anywhere else.

But how can a bunch of books be unusual? With that thought in mind I set of to find unusual libraries and found some that boggled my mind, yet made me smile. Take a look at some gems I found when looking for different and offbeat libraries. How many unusual libraries do you know of?


5 Spectacular Libraries From Across the World

Libraries are the treasure houses of book lovers. They hold secrets and stories untold, fables and legends undiscovered, sagas and epics unknown, folk-tales and traditional-lore unheard-of, little-known fairy-tales, obscure romance and fantasy, uncharted faraway worlds, unexplored mythology, – just so much yet to be read and discovered.

But it isn’t just books in a library that are the talking point, sometimes it’s the library itself. Looking around the internet for 5 spectacular libraries, I found lots – some thought-provoking, some breathtaking, others magnificent and sensational, – they made me stop and stare.

Here are 5 libraries from across the world that I thought were just spectacular!