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5 Fabulous Handmade Covers for the Kindle Voyage



The latest in the Kindle stable, the Kindle Voyage claims to be the ultimate in reading experience. It may or may not be, the jury is still out on that one. If you have a Voyage do tell us what you think of it and how it compares to previous Kindles and other readers.

Coming back to point, owning a Kindle isn’t where ereader shopping ends. Once you have the Kindle, it needs accessories and the leading accessory to get is the cover.

Amazon offers a range of covers but why limit yourself when you can get a personal, highly individual and unique cover that is all your own. So without further ado, here’s 5 handmade covers for the Kindle Voyage we fell in love with.


5 Exclusive Reading Devices for Booklovers


Reading may have come a long way with kindles and kobos becoming more popular as reading devices. But ask any hard core reader and they’ll tell you that nothing beats a paper book.

That said, some of the new age reading devices come quite close. They do a good job of recreating the reading experience with some brilliant benefits and minus the smell and feel of a book.

You may say the smell and feel of a book are very important but ask anyone who has travelled with a cartload of books and they’ll tell you it’s a lot of weight. Or try reading a 1000+ page book holding it with one hand and your hand gives up pretty soon. In both the cases the e-reader excels.

Then there’s the author’s perspective. Authors want to give out ARC’s and copies of their books for review, at the lowest cost. There’s also the element of time, as post takes time to deliver. The e-reader works beautifully here too, it’s fast and cost friendly. Reviewers can receive books instantly and authors can send out more books as the cost is low or negligible. (more…)