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7 Must Have Book Covers to Keep Your Book Safe



I have an OCD when it comes to books and there are a lot of types to my OCD. One of them is my fussiness about book covers. I hate my covers getting creased or dirty and dog-ears, they make me cry.

Particular about keeping my books pristine, I’ve been covering my books since I can remember. But keeping a book safe and clean aren’t the only reasons why I cover a book. There are those cheeky books with extremely naughty covers I read at times and I don’t want people to know about too, and covers are great for covering that up. 😀

I’ve used newspaper since way back to make for a simple cover for my books. Newspaper is great but it has it’s issues, like durability and reusability. Looking for other ideas, here’s 7 book covers I found, that look great, do the job and do a little extra.

5 Fabulous Handmade Covers for the Kindle Voyage



The latest in the Kindle stable, the Kindle Voyage claims to be the ultimate in reading experience. It may or may not be, the jury is still out on that one. If you have a Voyage do tell us what you think of it and how it compares to previous Kindles and other readers.

Coming back to point, owning a Kindle isn’t where ereader shopping ends. Once you have the Kindle, it needs accessories and the leading accessory to get is the cover.

Amazon offers a range of covers but why limit yourself when you can get a personal, highly individual and unique cover that is all your own. So without further ado, here’s 5 handmade covers for the Kindle Voyage we fell in love with.