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Top 3 Community Websites for Book Lovers


Ever felt that feeling when you finish an incredible book and look up wanting to share the joy your bursting with but can’t find anyone who will understand what your are feeling. Know that feeling?

If there is anything booklovers love more that reading, it’ll be talking about what they love. And ‘not having like-minded readers in immediate family and friend circles’ is one of the top grouses of booklovers.

It’s these gaps that are filled by online communities. Groups of like-minded people from across the globe coming together to share and talk about something they are passionate about. With the internet you can now find others who love that unheard of book that you can’t stop gushing about. (more…)

5 Must Have Book Accessories Under 10$ for Book Lovers

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 6.05.46 pm

Reading accessories add to the experience of reading. They make it easier in many ways to continue to do what book lovers love, i.e. read without having to worry about other things.

There is a large variety of book accessories out there. From bookends that keep books in place and prevent them from toppling to bath caddys that keep your book dry while you soak in the bathtub with a glass of wine. These little add on’s make reading more fun.

And they aren’t all expensive either. Here’s 5 awesome book accessories you must get that cost less than $10.

5 Eccentric Habits of BookLovers



Book lovers are eccentric people. I should know I’m one of them. I have strange quirks and habits that only book addicts would understand and associate with.

We book lovers display these queer rituals, bizarre patterns, mystifying habits and baffling routines that make non-readers look at us like we suffer a special madness.

And a special madness it is, for it is these eccentrics and quirks, these strange habits, that stamp readers as absolute booklovers. Here’s 5 of those idiosyncrasies, how many do you connect with?