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5 Book Review Programs for Book Blogger Newbies


The love of books is a love that keeps your pockets light and the book shelves laden. My favourite place to shop and hangout are bookstores but I also dread the places for I cannot walk away without buying books and making a dent in the budget, a big dent sometimes.

Over the years though I’ve found ways to get my hands on books without spending as much. Libraries, book lending programs, free ebooks for the kindle, book review programs and books from publishers and authors are a few ways to get books for less or free.

If you have book review blog or are starting out with one, book review programs are a great way to get books and build your blog presence at the same time. You get to choose the book you want from a variety offered and review it to build you reputation over time as a reviewer.

Without much further ado, here’s 5 free blogger book review programs to get you started.


5 Tips For Book Bloggers Who are Just Starting Out


Book blogging may not be a science but it sure is an art. And like most art forms, it requires a lot pf practice and a little talent.

You have to hone your skill at critiquing and there is no better way to do this then to keep repeatedly doing it. Try and review every book you read, write a few free-flowing lines on what you thought of the book or create a guideline to follow.

But aside from sticking with it and writing a lot of book reviews here are 5 top tips we have heard repeatedly from successful book bloggers to help you become a better book reviewer.


5 Points to Help You Write a Better Book Review




Reviewing a book may not be as difficult as writing one, but it isn’t easy either. It takes a lot of time and effort and fair bit of skill too. A good review is so many things.

A good review tells the truth without embellish, has a neutral voice that isn’t extreme, pans a book but politely, tells the story yet doesn’t give anything away, has it’s own unique tone,… and in spite of all this also tells you all you need to know about the book.