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5 Free WordPress Themes to Get You Started as a Book Blogger



It’s not enough to just write well, this age is about presentation. The display and look matters and can make a big difference. This applies to books, blogs and book blogs too. 🙂

Your WordPress blog’s theme is part of the presentation package of your blog. The theme is the basic framework of how your blog will be laid out, the colours it will have, the fonts, and such. It’s reflects your personality and says something about you.

A good theme is tuned for your subject and enhances your writing. But finding the right theme for you isn’t always straight forward. So, to start you off here are 5 excellent themes that work great for book bloggers. And they are free too!

5 Tips For Book Bloggers Who are Just Starting Out


Book blogging may not be a science but it sure is an art. And like most art forms, it requires a lot pf practice and a little talent.

You have to hone your skill at critiquing and there is no better way to do this then to keep repeatedly doing it. Try and review every book you read, write a few free-flowing lines on what you thought of the book or create a guideline to follow.

But aside from sticking with it and writing a lot of book reviews here are 5 top tips we have heard repeatedly from successful book bloggers to help you become a better book reviewer.


5 Pet Peeves of Book Bloggers



Wikipedia defines a pet peeve as “a minor annoyance that an individual identifies as particularly annoying to himself or herself, to a greater degree than others may find it.

Pet peeves are those little things that don’t bother most people but really tick some people off. These annoyances show up in all areas of life that involve people, but what about the book blogging space. What little things here can tick bloggers off, bug them no end, make them lose it, go ballistic?

Here are some things we’ve heard repeatedly when we asked book bloggers the question “What’s your pet peeve?”… {Don’t forget to tell us your pet peeve in comments. 😀 }