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5 Websites that Offer Awesome Blogger Templates for Book Bloggers

There are a lot of blog platforms out there that are used by book bloggers. But two of the most popular blog platforms used by book bloggers are wordpress and blogger. We spoke about WordPress themes last week but what if you have a blogger blog?

Blogger unlike WordPress doesn’t give a self-hosting option but what it does give you is a variety of templates that are easy to use, a seamless connection with Google+, and Google Adsense integration to earn money, among other things. It also allows you to create a custom domain for yourself.

With all of these features Blogger is a good platform for bloggers who don’t want to get their hands dirty with coding and rather keep things simple for themselves. But that doesn’t take away the need for a good blog layout and design. So we went looking and shortlisted 5 websites that offer awesome free blogger templates for book bloggers.