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8 Famous Cats in Literature

The other day I talked about dogs, – dogs as characters in stories and even dogs as narrators of stories. But what about other animals? What about cats? Are there a lot of famous cats in literature? Do they play prominent roles?

With these questions in my mind, I thought I’d do some digging around and research to find notable cats in literary history. I didn’t find a few but rather quite a few!

However out of the rather long list, I’ve selected 7 cats who I remember from books over the years…

8 Books for Dog Lovers

Last week I talked about 8 of my most beloved dogs in literature, but dogs are sometimes more than just characters. Sometimes they are the narrators, main characters and the heros of the story.

Writing from another person’s point of view is difficult as it is, but the challenge really gets intense when you try to write from a dog’s perspective. Writing a story from the view point of a dog requires the author to not only have an intense love of dogs I think, but also a deep understanding of them, their behavior, their mind; it takes a lot of time, study and observation to get their voice right.

Here are some books you just shouldn’t pass up if you are a dog lover…