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The Summer Romance Festival is now over. Thanks to the sponsors, authors and readers who participated.

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Full Festival Details

Freado is a website designed to help book lovers win fun prizes while discovering new books. Many of the prizes on Freado are sponsored by participating authors and artisans. It is a form of advertising for them.

The Summer Romance Festival is an online festival for fans of romance with over 250 prizes to be won in 37 days.

We have adult content in this Festival. If you are below 18 you are eligible to receive the All the Non-Adult books/prizes.Please Note: You will not receive any book/prizes that are marked as Adult content.

To win a prize you can:

  1. Top the CoverMatcher game on any day - 37 prizes

  2. Play any of the games on Freado (QuickQuiz, Hangman, CoverMatcher) and accumulate points. Use those points to bid for your desired prizes. - 37 prizes

  3. Create interesting QuickQuizzes and Hangman games with romance in them. Six creators of the most played games during the festival win cool prizes. - 6 grand hampers.

A maximum of 5 prizes can be won per household per month (1 as a Top Covermatcher Player, 2 as a game Creator and 2 by bidding) ... the idea is to give as many people as possible a chance to vie for the prizes.

Most prizes ship only to addresses in Canada, US and UK. Details are listed on each prize page.

Prizes are subject to availability and are shipped by the sponsor. In case a particular prize becomes unavailable/undeliverable, we reserve the right to contact you and reimburse your points.

Please play fair and enjoy the games in the spirit of having fun and expressing your love for romance.

Please create clean Hangman games and QuickQuizzes and refrain from using expletives.

Please do not create fake accounts in order to 'game the system'. If we find out, you will be banned from the site.

We take your privacy very seriously and will never rent, sell or share your personal information. Learn about our Privacy Policy here. Learn more about Freado here.

The Winner will get ALL of the following prizes* :

To win ALL the above prizes : Create the most popular Hangman or QuickQuiz game.

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*Shipping only to US, UK, Canada addresses.
Prizes shipped individually by respective prize sponsors.

Create Hangman and QuickQuizzes to win these grand prizes

Play games and earn points to bid for these prizes

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