The Story Behind This Book
After coaching so many teens, I realised the lack of financial education.
Then again in my own personal teens years, I had unanswered questions on entrepreneurship. This book has been written to help expose teens to the habits of a go-getter entrepreneurial teen.
I believe that developing an entrepreneurial skill is worthwhile for all of us, not just teens.
Do not be educated only on how to work for somebody else, but develop yourself to build your own business, because God has already put that on the inside of you. You have that unique success recipe that the whole world is waiting for.

Our educational system has not done much in the area of developing students to create and manage their own multimillion business and that is why I have written this book with the interest of teens at heart, to help them begin to have entrepreneurial mindsets.

"The only way to make lots of money, will be in a business of your own." says America's former oil tycoon. You can do more with money, than without it.