Read Keep Your Panties Up and Your Skirt Down by Dangerous Lee-fReado
The Story Behind This Book
The title of the book are words my grandmother said to me and her other granddaughters when we were growing up as a warning to not have sex. After all, if you’re not equipped with the knowledge of the bad things that can happen when you have good sex you should not be having sex. This book is dedicated to her memory.

Working in HIV prevention I have learned a lot and I have had the pleasure of sharing my knowledge with thousands of people. With this book I want to reach millions more, not simply for fame and fortune but because millions of people lack the need-to-know information contained in the pages of this book.

People aged 13-24 have the highest new HIV infection rates and African Americans and Latinos have the highest infection rates in the United States. I equate a huge chunk of this problem with the lack of prevention education and proper sex education in our schools.

Abstinence only programs do us no good. Abstinence is fine, but we must also educate ourselves and our babies with the proper information so that when they’re ready to get busy they can do it safely.

We must keep it real when we discuss sex and inside the pages of “Keep Your Panties Up and Your Skirt Down” I get real nasty, real sexy, real deep, and speak the real truth about HIV.