Read Lucci-The No Smoochie Poochie by Donna L. Sadd-fReado
The Story Behind This Book
I originally got the idea of writing my first children's book while I was hanging out with my young nieces one day. We wondered why my newly-adopted little dachshund Lucci (pronounced loochy) never gave smoochies, and I started rhyming verses while sketching the beginning pages of the children's picture book, LUCCI THE NO SMOOCHIE POOCHIE.

We had a ball, and I later finished the story and illustrations and had the book printed and bound just as it is available now. LUCCI is also a Kindle eBook on Amazon.Com.

LUCCI THE NO SMOOCHIE POOCHIE is a cute little story that I hope you and the kids in your life will enjoy. It's perfect for bedtime, and I give advance thanks for your taking the time to read it!