Read Dear France, sweet country of my childhood by Pascal Inard-fReado
The Story Behind This Book
Dear France,
Today I am far away from you, sweet land of my childhood, but I think of you every day. There
will always be a big place for you in my heart as there is for my adoptive country Australia. Don’t
worry for me, dear France, Australia is looking after me and my family very well, it is a beautiful
place of wide open spaces, sunny skies and friendly people. But I will never forget you and how you
made the man I am today. I grew up in the heart of your majestic mountains, it is there that my
love of nature grew. Your land is generous and I thank you for all the delicious meals I shared
with my family. Provence is a ray of sunshine that warms my heart, it is a feast for all my senses.
You taught me to love life and celebrate the joy and happiness of living in your home. You gave
me my life, a beautiful language, my soul mate and children and for all this I thank you. You will
be in my heart and soul forever, wherever I am.