Read Trained By The Great White Lodge Book 1: My 50 years with the Ageless Wisdom by T.J. Francis-fReado
The Story Behind This Book
“To my knowledge, you will not find these aspects of the Ageless Wisdom condensed, clarified, and contained in any other single book of this genre, nor tied together in a unified sequence as I have done,” so reads one paragraph in my Preface, and, I might add, nor will you readily find the additional insights and information, not commonly known within most bonafide spiritual circles, conveniently available in any other book.

Who or What is God? Who are we? Is there a grand Plan for our planet, our Universe? Where do we come from, and where are we going? What is the Ageless Wisdom? Are our belief systems no longer fulfilling our needs? Is reincarnation a fact? What is the Great White Lodge? Who was, or is, Jesus? Who is the Christ Maitreya? Do angels exist? If so, what is their purpose?

We are told that we cannot know for sure the answers to

these questions. Not true. Many thousands have already discovered the answer, and after decades of my rugged experience belonging to a secret group formed by the White Lodge, whose purpose was to serve the good of the planet, I reveal this knowledge of Life suitable to the level of understanding of that group of seekers with whom I wish to share these spiritual insights.

Will this book enlighten you through the heart of you own intuition and lift you up to new heights of comprehending the Meaning and Fabric of Life? That is for you to decide. I pray that it will.

The Author