Read Bernie Bolts Bergen: A Cat's Adventure Tale by Bill Breckenridge-fReado
The Story Behind This Book
The story is aimed mainly at children but adults and cat lovers should also enjoy the tale. Bernie is a young cat and the story is about his adventures as he attempts return home to Scotland from Bergen, Norway.

Bernie does exist. You might want to look at our website to see this stunning cat. Anyway,as cat breeders (it's a hobby),we sold him as a kitten to a breeder and shower in Bergen, Norway. Anyone who loves cats knows that every now and then you encounter a cat of character and charm who captures your heart. From the beginning Bernie was one of those cats. He was and still is an amazing character and has a coat with the feel of a teddybear and the most beautiful of eyes. We were upset when he left for Bergen and we even flew across to Bergen to visit him some months later.

We wondered what would happen if he missed us as much as we missed him and whether he would ever want to return home to Scotland. So that idea became the basis of the story. As owners and breeders of a number of cats, (we currently own 10)I felt that I could create an authentic and exciting story for the reader.

The book and the stories within it are grounded in experience or real life events again giving an authentic feel. The opening chapter at the cat show in Bergen is an example and, yes, I did drop a cat, a Persian if I remember correctly as he was about to be judged. The TV advert referred to does exist as does the setting for each of Bernie's encounters. The three clouds sequence is also based on my experience but you will have ask me about that one.

The stories themselves are fun, engaging and exciting. Bernie's journey allowed me to weave together various little stories I have told to my children and grandchildren. The ending provides a cliffhanger and is as unexpected as it is dramatic.

Finally, two of our cats died recently so the book is also in memory to both of them. I hope you enjoy the sample and I hope to publish soon. I'll leave you with one of the comments received by a reader. The coment is edited otherwise it spoils the ending.

'Just finished your book and I'm crying my eyes out. It's wonderful I started howlin' when Bernie...... and I'm still sobbing. Don't know what else to say'