Read Quills of Fire by Marilyn Campiz-fReado
The Story Behind This Book
Quills of Fire was an act of creation, and a challenge to the creative process by simply asking what we could create and come up with by using only one word a day, alternating the selection between the writers and giving only 24 hours to come up with our work. Using this process involved a great deal of setting aside the ego and just really getting to the heart of what we wanted to strive to attain. To write through periods of emotional blockage, raw emotion, and sift through it all to come up with what we determined could get out there to touch others lives. The original image for the cover, as far as our conceptualized ideal was to use a phoenix rising out of its ashes. However that idea was nixed since the cover presented didn't please the writers. Instead, a winged messenger without arms was used; the image of a statue located in Daegu, South Korea. The impact of this project was to realize a dream for the talents of Lena and Marilyn. Despite the time differences, the challenges of creation, and personal life events, this work came into its own reality; taking on a life of its own because two women believed.