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Life as a Book Blogger with Jennifer of BookJunkiez

What is life like for a reviewer? What does it mean to be a book reviewer? How does book blogging impact their lives?… These questions tell a reviewer’s side of the story, and that is a side we hardly get to hear (compared to authors, that is). To bring a balance and to ask these and many more questions of book reviewers, we started the weekly interview series – Life as a Book Blogger.





Jennifer’s blog BookJunkiez is well named as she loves to read and is even in the process of writing a couple of books. One is a children’s book and the other is urban fantasy or paranormal romance, she hasn’t decided which. Apart from this Jennifer also writes poetry and likes to spend time with her family.




Hi Jennifer. Welcome to the Freado blog. Why don’t you start out by telling us a little about yourself?

Jennifer: I always loved to read, since a young age. I never go anywhere without a book. I am 43 years old, and work at Wal-Mart. I have been with them for 13 years. I am not married and no children, unless you count my oldest Niece and Nephew. I helped to raise them and I think of them as my children. I taught them to read at a young age. You can say that I instilled a love of reading in them. I also have a yorkie named Charlie, short for Charlotte. She is so spoiled that she thinks she can go anywhere with me. If I say the word bye-bye she is in my lap looking for her harness to go bye-bye. She just turned 2 years old. We found her on my birthday 2 years ago. She was only four months old, and very malnourished.


Can you tell us a little about your journey as a book blogger? How did you get started?

Jennifer: I always wanted to do a book review blog, but didn’t think that I would have time to do it, I started the blog when I was on a leave of absence from work for a knee injury. It kept me from being bored. I got to where I was posting 2-3 posts a day. I loved the writing and meeting new people.


What’s a typical day like for you? How much time do you spend on the blog?

Jennifer: I check my email and reply to any that need it. I then check my blog and reply to any comments, while I have breakfast before going to work. At work on my breaks I will check on things on and off. I will work on any posts or I will read on my breaks. When I get home I will do any work that needs to be done to the blog, along with writing posts. I will check other blogs and repost any post that I like. I will spend anywhere from 2-5 hours a day fine tuning my blog, writing posts.

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You are quite active on GoodReads. How do you use GoodReads? How does that help you as a book blogger?

Jennifer: I use GoodReads to connect with Authors and other reviewers. It helps me grow my audience and find new Authors to read. Like I need anymore books to read. I have about 300 books right now that I need to read on my TBR pile and it seems to be growing daily.


Do you participate in blog tours? What motivates you to do that? How does that work from a bloggers perspective?

Jennifer: I do participate in blog tours. The motivation is just helping the Authors to connect with more people, and helping those people find a new Author to read. It is just a great feeling. The blog tour is like a virtual book tour. When the blogger agrees to participate in the tour, they will get all the information in an e-mail to post on their blog. If they agree to do a review they will get an ARC copy to read before the tour date. You will also have the chance to participate in a Q & A with the Author or host a giveaway. It is really fun to do. I am currently getting ready to do a few blog tours, cover reveals and book blitz’s.


How do you get most of your books to review? Do you subscribe to sites like Netgalley?

Jennifer: I do subscribe to Netgalley, Samhain Publishing, Simon & Schuster, and a few others. I also get a few books requests through e-mail. I have Authors, Publicists contact me through e-mail wondering if I would consider a book for review. Alot of them have found me through my site and a site called Book Blogger List.


Time for our rapid fire round 🙂

Which was the last book you bought? Why did you pick up that book?

Jennifer: The Copyeditor’s Handbook by Amy Einsohn. I am thinking about a career change and wanted to research this subject a little more. I have real bad arthritis and standing for long periods causes me a lot of pain. So, I thought becoming a copyeditor would be a good career move.



What’s your pet peeve as a book blogger?

Jennifer: I really don’t have any pet peeves that I can think of. Everyone has been really great, and it is a great community to be included in.


Where do you normally hangout online as a book reviewer (like GoodReads and NetGalley)?

Jennifer: I will hang out at goodreads, facebook, twitter, pinterest, Linkedin, and my Tumblr site also called Book Junkiez.


Do you participate in any book memes? What are some of your favourites?

Jennifer: I do participate in book memes. I like WWW WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY QUOTABLE, and MUSING MONDAYS.


What do you absolutely love about being a book blogger?

Jennifer: The comadre with other bloggers, and the free books, of course.


How many books do you read every week?

Jennifer: In a good week maybe 4-6 books. A bad week I might read 2-3 books. It all depends on how the book catches my interest and keep it.


Ebooks or physical books. Which do you prefer?

Jennifer: Actually both, even though I love the feel and smell of a physical book. The e-book lets me buy more books without having to find the shelf space for them.


Which is your all time favourite book?

Jennifer: That is a hard question, because every week I seem to find a new all time favorite book. If I really had to choose it would be THE WOLF AND THE DOVE BY KATHLEEN E. WOODIWISS. I just loved the story.




And before we close, a couple more serious questions. 🙂

What inspires you to write?

Jennifer: My family and friends. They are always encouraging me to write and to follow my dreams.


Who are some book bloggers that you follow?

Jennifer: Leigh Cooper of SoIReadThisBookToday, Reading in Pajamas, Angry Grey Cat Reads are just a few that I follow. I follow a lot of book bloggers and Authors also.


What are your top three tips for someone just getting started with a book blog?

Jennifer: Never give up, stick with it, and don’t expect success to come overnight. It takes a lot of work to be a blogger. Quitting is the easy way out. Stick to a schedule. It will help you to be successful.


Thank you for joining us Jennifer and answering all our questions with an open heart. 🙂