ZEN Girls: Drawing Amazing Zen Doodle Girls (Zen Doodle Art Book 4)

Written by Jane McKenty
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ZEN Girls

Drawing Amazing ZEN Doodle Girls

“ZEN Girls: Drawing Amazing ZEN Doodle Girls!”. is an easy to understand step by step drawing manual. Here we will guide the reader via five different lessons, providing indications, advices, suggestions, and various techniques. All the practice provided by this book is quite simple and easy to understand; accompanying each set of instructions with pictures illustrating the intended final result.
It is important to let the reader know that is not necessary by any means to be good at drawing for enjoy or exploiting this guidebook to its full potential. The innate skill for sketching does not make a difference here, it is not mandatory being good at something, to be able to learn it, if the approach of teaching it is successful, everybody can do it; it is the firm idea of us to make anyone a master this technique.
We will be explaining to you with clear guiding instructions, making this journey a simple and easy to follow one. The art of ZEN will probably prove to be either an entertaining way of passing time or a good recipe for unwinding; which ever it ends up being, this book will ensure that the reader at least learn the how to do of this kind of art.
“ZEN Girls: Drawing Amazing ZEN Doodle Girls!” wants to provide the reader with endless hours of fun before all; we assure that this will be a book that will turn out to be not only an useful manual for learning ZEN, but also will give a *new* way of relaxation. This is all on the hands of you, the reader, you will decide how to exploit this manual and its methods; we will be giving you the directions and the advices, but you will be the one putting the final touch.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • Prancing young lady
  • The fairy
  • Missing miss amidst the mist
  • A nightly butterfly
  • Her hat suits her well

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