Zen Doodle Art: Unleash Your Creativity with ZEN Doodle Patterns (Doodling with Kathrin Davidson Book 1)

Written by Kathrin Davidson
Category: · Arts & Photography


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Whether you already met with tangled Zen art or not, the book “ZEN Doodle Art: Unleash your creativity with ZEN Doodle Patterns” will introduce you to the magical world of original and fresh Zen art patterns. Zen art doodles that you will see for the first time in this book will help you relief stress while creating a unique and engaging Zen doodles.
There is a bit of a chance that you did not hear of benefits of meditation through Zen drawing, but just for the case let me tell you a little about it. Zen art is not absolutely a doodle; it represents a conscious intention to turn your mind off daily situations and problems and direct your attention to a shape that you draw.
Zen technique of drawing as a form of therapy has positive effects on the mind and psyche of a man and allows him to establish control over his focus and movements. When you’re angry, try to direct consciously at least to draw the circle. You will notice that your hand might tremble, or you grip the pen too hard, these are the main indicators of how our body reacts. If you are unable to calm the mind, you can always calm your hands and body, and the Zen drawing is certainly one of those ways.
Perhaps you cannot sit for 20 minutes every day trying to meditate but you can buy a book “ZEN Doodle Art” and start clearing your mind of everyday thoughts that are holding you back by drawing amazing Zen tangled patterns depicted in the book that is front of you. This book is mainly a picture book, so you do not even have to read it intently. Just look at the step by step pictures and draw!


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