You Got the Job!: Turn Your Career Dreams into Reality

Written by Angelo Giallombardo
Category: · Business & Money

Let’s face it, the job search process isn’t easy.  

Finding new careers and the job search employment landscape are ever changing.

The challenges in job searching, alone, can be a daunting task.

Because of these employment hurdles, finding expert advice to help in the employment process is crucial.

“You Got the Job! Turn Your Career Dreams into Reality” 

will help you immediately turn your job search goals into reality by helping you to get your dream job.

This book a detail oriented, step by step, proven guide to unlocking the job search process and to advance your career.

Based on over 15 years of Executive Recruiting experience and employment process knowledge, Angelo Giallombardo brings his career counseling knowledge to you to maximize your job search and get the job of your dreams.

Angelo can relate to the career professional, on many levels, including searching for a job.

He knows what it’s like to need to find a job, search for employment, send in tons of applications, to answer tough interview questions, and to ruin the chances of getting the job by making a mistake in the job search process.

He also knows what hiring managers and potential employers are looking for in a job candidate.

He’s worked closely for 15 years with hiring managers at Fortune 500 companies to help them find the best possible candidate for their job opportunities within their company. Because of this inside information, he knows what it takes to impress the hiring managers in order to get the job.

This book is a must have for career professionals to help get the job and advance their career.

It will help you with the crucial steps in the job search process by:

– Showing you a proven method to get the job you’ve always wanted

– Developing the correct mindset and perspective in the job search process

– Helping you focus on your strengths in the interview employment process

– Giving you proven resources to build the best resumes and cover letters

– Helping you to get your resume selected

– Helping you to maximize your job searching efforts

– Finding job opportunities that are not publicly advertised

– Networking with career professionals on LinkedIN and other online social media platforms to maximize your job search

– Showing you how to master the employment interview process

– Showing you correct interviewing skills, tactics, and follow up

– Giving you strategies on how to secure man job offers 


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