You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know: Everything You Need to Know to Buy or Sell a Business

Written by Terry Lammers
Category: · Business & Money

ESSENTIAL READING FOR ANYONE READY TO BUY, GROW, OR EXIT A BUSINESS No matter what stage of business ownership you’re in, Terry Lammers will help you understand how to navigate the twists and turns of the business cycle and steer your enterprise toward success. In humorous, straightforward anecdotes, Lammers describes how he grew his own company through 11 acquisitions, which ultimately led him into the mergers and acquisitions business. He shares what he did right, what he should have done differently, and he breaks down complicated topics into friendly digestible pieces that are easy to put into practice. From the pros and cons of buying an existing company to preparing to sell it to developing a life plan for after the sale, this book provides the real-life advice every business owner needs.


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