Written by Jane Cull
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Understand where fear, stress, anxiety and destructive thoughts come from. This is a ground-breaking new self-help book that uncovers experientially the root of problematic emotions and destructive thought patterns, while offering readers the tools to alter their way of thinking in order to change their lives.

Jane Cull coined the term “Attachment Thinking”, which is defined as a habitual and unconscious thought process that is responsible for destructive thought patterns and problematic emotions.

When human beings do this kind of thinking, the thought patterns and problematic emotions are universal. Cull states: “Our thinking is not only the problem – it is also the solution. In changing our way of thinking we break the cycle of this problematic, destructive, unconscious and habitual thinking.”

Using the tools in the book, people are empowered to break the cycle of Attachment Thinking and return to Reflective Thinking, where we become conscious, self-aware, genuine and responsible. It is a return back to ourselves to create a completely new way of thinking for a better way of living.

Jane Cull is an expert on The Biology of Cognition, the work of Dr Humberto Maturana, a Chilean biologist and systems thinker, and has written extensively on denial, suppression and trust as the basis for a shift in perception and world views. Cull coined the term “Attachment Thinking” as a way to define and understand this particular kind of thinking and the ramifications it has for all human beings and their lives.


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