Wrenched: A Dark Romance (Hell’s Bastard Book 1)

Written by Emma James
Category: · Mystery & Suspense


This is NOT your average love story.
Strap yourself in because once you get on this ride, the chances are you won’t get off until the very end.
Looking for a gutsy original story?
Twists. Surprises. Unpredictable. Gritty. Dark.
A HEA that will earn your dollars spent.
This IS a love story, you just have to stay on the ride until the last stop.
Strong female lead.
Fearless male lead.
Sub characters who will claim your heart.
Hell’s Bastard series will make you think differently about dark romances.


Stolen—I was a whisper.
Freedom—it came with a price.

Life has been a bitch to me.
I don’t even know my full name.
I was a secret.
Miss Catherine and Boxer changed my life.
I now trusted in mankind.
Until Edge the enforcer for the Soulless Bastards MC walked into my life.
Now I’m screwed.
I’ve escaped one Hell’s bastard to be wrenched towards another.


I thought I knew it all.
I thought she stole from me.
Even a killer with no conscience can seek redemption.
This mess is gonna get real bad before it gets better.
Unfortunately, it’s gonna take me time to realize my mistakes.
It may have started off as a cute-meet, but it sure escalated to life or death.
Now I have to work out where in the world she is.
The world is a pretty big f****ng place.

Contains adult situations which may offend and graphic violence, but it is one hell of a fictional ride. Strap yourself in. For mature aged readers 18 +. This is not a stand-alone series.


Wrenched # 1
Warped # 2
Contorted # 3
The Enforcers’ Revenge Novella – Releasing 28th August 2018 Co-written with Kathryn C Kelly includes Edge, Miss Catherine (Hell’s Bastard series), Mortician and Pearllene (Death Dwellers MC series) To be read after Contorted but is a 24-hour side story which takes place about a third of the way into Entwined.
Entwined # 4
Venerated # 5
Hitched #5.5 – Coming in a few weeks (The Wedding Novella. I adore it.)

Praise For Wrenched

It’s a Dark and ballsy read like no other book I have read in a long long time. ~ She’s A Lip Biter

Wrenched was my first Emma James book and I have to say, I really enjoyed this dark read. A bit of a captive story mixed in with an MC theme. With various POV shifts as we get to know all the players, I was fully enthralled as the story progressed. ~ Michelle New – Goodreads

I truly loved this story, and I recommend it to anyone that loves their stories dark and a little wicked. It’s bound to get the heart racing, in more ways than one. ^_^ ~ Stacey – Sassy Book Lovers

This is a very emotional and awesome experience for all its reader. Quite disturbing and even scary for the characters. ~ Maree Repa – Goodreads

Then everything gets twisted together, fates collide, and things get even more intense than I even thought possible. It’s hard to tell who is good. Who is bad. Who is redeemable. Who even deserves a chance at redemption.

I NEED to know what happens! I require more! Don’t mind me…I’ll just be over here in the edge of my seat, biting my nails and binge eating comfort foods, waiting for book two. ~ George – One Click Addict Support Group

Being from Louisiana this book was easy to relate to. She has Miss C’s character on the money all the way to the way she speaks. We do speak like that here. The writing was smooth and easy to read. ~ Kayla – Goodreads


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