World War Forever (Highway To Armageddon Book 2)

Written by Harold Bloemer
Category: · Romance · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

In this action-packed sequel to the dystopic thriller Highway To Armageddon, teen bounty hunters Lance, Boom Boom, and Krystal continue their blood-drenched, suicidal mission to prevent all-out nuclear war between the United States of the Americas and the Republic of China. In order to inhibit this nightmare scenario, the trio must hunt down and assassinate the most powerful and dangerous woman to have ever walked the face of the Earth, United States President Angela Klaxton. In essence, in order to achieve world peace, the president must die.

But things become much more confusing and chaotic the deeper down the proverbial rabbit hole the trio travel. As Boom Boom, Lance, and Krystal traverse the world looking for their elusive target, they quickly realize China has no intention of backing down from a pending invasion, even if they do manage to take Klaxton out (which is no sure thing). That means the key to warding off nuclear Armageddon may entail joining forces with their most despised enemy in order to thwart a much more treacherous foe. The question is, are Lance, Krystal, and Boom Boom willing to work with Klaxton in order to save the lives of billions? For Boom Boom, at least, that may be a bridge too far. As she’s said several times before, perhaps the world does deserve to burn.


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