World War 2: German Tank Crew Stories: Eyewitness Accounts (German War, WW2, World War II, Soldier Stories, Waffen SS, Last Panther, DDay, Panzer, Hitler Book 1)

Written by Leonard Cooper
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WWII German Tanks – Stories from the other side

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The Heroes of the Other Side
They say that history is written by the victors. This may be true but the side of those that fought and lost should also be remembered. While we seek not to glorify the Germans during WWII, we also can take away lessons from the stories of their courage.

Though we don’t celebrate their cause, we acknowledge that these men were patriots to their nation and fought with honor and courage under fire.

In this book we’ll take a look at some of the actions and deeds that these men had a hand in. Some of the stories are shocking. Others are, in their own way, inspiring. Regardless of the side that they fought on, it cannot be said that they were not brave, innovative, and patriots. Had they fought for the winning side, we would hail them as heroes.

Here’s just a bit of what you’ll learn about:

• Bad boy Kurt Knispel – the tanker who bucked authority
• The technology behind Germany’s armored division
• Otto Carius – the gentleman commander who would go on to own a pharmacy

WWII German Tank Stories will give your glimpse at life in the turret for German tankers and the odds that they were up against. Did these men truly serve with honor? Grab your copy today and find out for yourself. If you liked the movie “Fury”, you’ll love this book.

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