World War 2: A Captivating Guide from Beginning to End (The Second World War and D Day Book 1)

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Explore How World War 2 Began, the Aftermath and the Events in Between

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The Second World War was one of the most traumatic events in human history. Across the world, existing conflicts became connected, entangling nations in a vast web of violence. It was fought on land, sea, and air, touching every inhabited continent. Over 55 million people died, some of them combatants, some civilians caught up in the violence, and some murdered by their own governments.

It was the war that unleashed the Holocaust and the atomic bomb upon the world. But it was also a war that featured acts of courage and self-sacrifice on every side.

Some of the topics covered in this book include:

  • The Rising Tide
  • From Poland to the Fall of France
  • Britain’s Darkest Hour
  • Barbarossa Unleashed
  • Early Operations in Africa and the Mediterranean
  • A Day Which Will Live in Infamy
  • Germany’s Eastern Offensives
  • Guadalcanal and the War in Asia
  • Operation Torch and the Taking of North Africa
  • The Tide Turns in Eastern Europe
  • Advancing on Japan
  • The Invasion of Italy
  • From D-Day to the Bulge
  • The Fall of Germany
  • The Fall of Japan
  • And a Great Deal More that You don’t Want to Miss out on!

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