WORK SMART: Your formula for unprecedented professional success

Written by Marisa Murray
Category: · Business & Money

Working hard isn’t the solution, it’s the problem.  

Most of us are working too hard.  It is the path most travelled because we live in a society that values “busyness” and “perceived productivity” at the expense of effectiveness and sustainability. This cultural conditioning causes us to forget everyone’s best interests and over the long term leads to career dis-satisfaction and even burn-out.

This book is designed to help you create a culture of sustainable, proactive and durable effectiveness that leads to enduring success instead of a culture of burnout through hard work. 

It starts with taking charge of your own success by rejecting anyone else’s definition; instead creating your very own unique version.  

Many coaching and mentorship programs use a “more effort/more discipline” approach to pursuing success that often includes more hours, more stress, more responsibility, more fatigue and more overwhelm. 

This book will provide you with solutions and approaches that will activate your career and fulfill your desire for meaningful and enjoyable work. I promise that if you apply these principles, you will easily achieve your goals and be flooded with new opportunities beyond your wildest dreams. 

What you will discover in the WORK SMART Book:

  • How to take charge of your brain; specifically, the four roles that each part of your brain plays:  Your Chief Risk Officer; Your Chief Relationship Officer; Your Chief Operating Officer; and Your Chief Executive Officer;
  • Locate your distrust switch is and discover how it’s a real liability in the workplace that leads to misinterpreting situations and blocking your collaborations;
  • How to reframe failure; and maintain unrelenting faith that a successful outcome is your destiny, even while facing daily problems;
  • How to overcome the Imposter Syndrome in three simple steps;
  • The cure for procrastination that will get you unstuck;
  • The 15% rule that can lead to new actionable opportunities;
  • How to manage talent instead of managing tasks;
  • How to keep worry from preventing you from progressing and asking for help;
  • How to become aware of your biased and flawed reasoning and what to do about it.
  • How to transform your experience of stress with two shifts;
  • Five ways to increase your resilience and avert burnout;
  • How to keep focused and why your brain needs tangible milestones to do so;
  • How to stop drifting even if it has worked out for you in the past;
  • How to identify the common saboteurs blocking your success such as the pleaser, the victim, the stickler, and more;
  • Three areas you should invest in during good times that will sustain you during challenging times;
  • How to tap into aspirational thinking instead of just goal-setting;
  • How to become a broadcaster and publicly declare your readiness for more;
  • How to transform your semi-conscious patterns into success themes that will move you from competition to collaboration; insecurity to confidence; reactive to proactive, busyness to purposeful; constraints to possibilities, scarcity to abundance, frustration to openness…

There is something in the human spirit designed to propel us to make our mark, show up as ourselves, and chase our own unique dreams. 

The WORK SMART methodology is not just about accelerating your career (although it will), enriching your life experiences (although it will), and unlocking your potential (although it will); the WORK SMART formula is about your vitality, your longevity, and your ability to complete your life’s work.

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