Wizard Dawning (The Battle Wizard Saga Book 1)

Written by C. M. Lance
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Sig doesn’t have enough magic to power his battle wizard talisman, but that won’t stop the dark mage trying to kill him—the same one who critically injured the former battle wizard, his Great Grampa Thor. Sig should have magic. Everything points to it, but it’s not there. How can he find the power he needs to fight back?

Ten years ago the world discovered that magic exists, but nothing special has ever happened to Sig. The best thing in his life is the beautiful new girl in school who needs help catching up on her studies. Until his life changes when Great Grampa shows up and gives him the magical amulet. Unfortunately, the amulet only gives Sig the ability to change form to a nine-foot tall warrior complete with sword. It isn’t enough. Not in this world of machinery, rockets, and computers He’s supposed to lead the war against the forces of darkness and their demons. What good is a sword against fire, earth, air, and water magic, much less demon creatures?

If you like Contemporary Fantasy adventures, lots of action, a bit of romance, demons, and gobs of magic get Wizard Dawning, first book of the Battle Wizard Saga.


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