Wire Jewelry Making for Beginners: Create Beautiful and Unique Wire Jewelry With These Easy Steps Today! *Pictures Included!

Written by Marie Little
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Welcome to the creative, artistic and wonderful world of wire jewelry making! Making jewelry by hand is a wonderful skill to have. It helps you explore creativity in design and colors and there is a certain sense of satisfaction and pride when you hold a beautiful piece of handmade jewelry. Wearing such jewelry is bound to make headlines at your next social event. It is obvious that you will be wearing a unique piece of jewelry, that will complement your outfit and or be the showstopper element in your look for the night. There is no other more effective way to boost your self-esteem and confidence than to have countless women surrounding you and asking you where you got your earrings, necklace, or bracelet.
Gifting handmade jewelry is also a great idea! You are giving something to someone that is more precious and valuable than any store-bought present—your time and efforts! The appreciation that you can get is unmatched. You can even go ahead and sell your creations at the next local exhibition, nearby store, flea markets, fairs etc. It is a great way to spend time learning a new skill and making some money on the side.
This book will be the beginner’s bible to making wire jewelry. It has a detailed list of tools that you will need and an explanation of all the materials so a trip to the craft store doesn’t confuse or demotivate you, and some beautiful designs and ideas to help you get started. Once you master this book, you will be able to look at pictures of wire jewelry and infer how to make the design yourself. Your brain will be speaking a whole new language that quickly translates images into beautiful and exquisite jewelry for you to wear.
Learn about the following:
•Necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings
•Do’s and don’ts
•Customer queries

There is no reason to wait around any longer. Creating beautiful jewelry has never been easier and with this book you’ll slowly start to crawl, walk, and finally run through the countless designs of wire jewelry in stores. Heck! You’ll soon be designing your own designs with wires and beads! So pick this up and GET STARTED!

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