Weight Watchers Crock-Pot Smart Points Cookbook: Complete Guide Of Weight Watchers Smart Points Slow Cooker Cookbook To Lose Weight Faster And Be Healthier

Written by Abdul King

Are you looking for a way to lose weight?

Do you have no much time to cook foods or aren’t familiar with cooking?

Do you want to know more about Weight Watchers program and Crock-pot cooking?

If yes for any of above questions, then you should read this book, which will really give you the right answers.

This book will combine Weight Watchers program with Crock-Pot slow cooking, in order to give you a healthy and easy solution about weight loss and overall health, meantime have your favorite delicious recipes.  

Weight Wathcers is not a diet, but a system that guides you and educates you about healthy food and healthy choices in your life. It is based on four essential pillars of weight loss namely behaviour, food, support and exercise and it is their constant attention to all four pillars which make the lifestyle successful.

This program is adaptable to different people. No matter youare overweight, obesity or thin, you can have a Weight Watchers Program. You can lose weight, increase weight and maintain your weight. Weight Watchers program wont tell you which food you can eat or cant eat, as it is count in Smart Points, not it calorie, protein, fat or carbohydrates. It is the easiest way of weight loss meantime keep your mouth with flavored foods!

Cooking with a crock-pot is a time-saving, simple and healthy way of cooking. You no need to be an expert of cooking, as it requires no skills of cooking. In using the crock-pot, everything is often simplified because, you just need to measure and chop your foods for the vast majority of these recipes. And then, for most of them, you won’t need anything other than a chopping board, knife, some measuring tools, and your crock-pot.

In this book, you will learn on how to pick a crock-pot that is right for you, how to use your crock-pot, how to adapt to a new healthy lifestyle and what to cook on different occasions. We have written 70+ easy and flavored Crock-Pot recipes, which all well-chosen and chef-proved. All the recipes are detailed with the cooking processes, preparation time, and Smart Points, making it needless of worrying about being rational at calculating calories and SP in ingredients, every time you want to make dinner. 

Combine the Weight Watchers program and Crock-Pot slow cooking really will give you too much convenience. Welcome to the Weight Watchers CrockPot world! 


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