Watchers of the Fallen (Second Death Book 1)

Written by Brian Rella
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Thousands of years ago when the angels fell, they were not chisel-chested hunks looking for love…they were celestial savages bent on enslaving humanity and ruling the Earth

The Fallen tried to kill Frank Bishop when he was just a boy, thrusting him into a supernatural battle of good versus evil. Now, his all-consuming quest to rid the world of the Fallen puts him on the trail of a missing book with the power to conjure a demon and the girl who stole it…

Watcher Frank Bishop is a hunter, and the Fallen demons that break free from the prison of the Second Death are his prey. A mystical book is missing, and a fellow Watcher may be dead. With the help of the Order of Watchers, Frank tracks the book to a backwoods town in Louisiana, and the girl who unleashed the power of the book to take revenge.

Free from her abusive home, and with a Fallen demon at her command, Jessie Hailey is seduced by the Nalsuu, Leech of the Aeons and King of the Fallen. She travels to Chicago to rebuild his army and free him from the Second Death. Together, they will take revenge on their enemies, and rule the world.

Watchers of the Fallen is Book One in Brian Rella’s action-packed horror and dark fantasy series, The Second Death.

Discover why readers are giving Watchers of the Fallen 5 STARS and saying:

“This book floors the accelerator from the very first page. I felt a bond with all the main characters with the tale of good against evil on adrenalin.” – Amazon Reviewer

“When you tear through a book and don’t want it to end at the same time…That’s what it’s like reading Watchers of the Fallen.” – Amazon Reviewer

“Great paced action book. Doesn’t dwell on the blood and gore so more time is spent on the actual story line. Funny side effect of this is it’s usually after you put the book down that you think back and go ‘hang on, did that just happen?’ – the pace is fast but detailed so nothing is lost.” – Amazon Reviewer

“I was sucked into the book and its characters right away. The combination of theology and action weaves a tale that I finished in one day. I wanted to get the next book right away to continue the tale.” – Amazon Reviewer

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