Waiting for a Miracle: Historical Novel

Written by Helen (Wininger) Livnat
Category: · History

This is the true story about the journey of a Jewish family through Eastern Europe.

It begins somewhere in Russia in the mid-19th century, and takes the reader into the events during the two world wars, and their ways of existence during the holocaust.

The simple and touching stories are presented from the perspective of a sensitive young boy, fascinated by his surroundings. In a moment of anxiety and fear, the boy is torn from his family, and the journey of his life begins.

The story describes four generations that represent the history of Eastern European Jews. The author creates a unique attraction between the book and the reader, by her fluent and vivid language.

Historical truths are intertwined with fascinating stories about the power of a violin, and the miracles that occurred during the attempt to survive under impossible conditions in a period where sanity was lost.

“People will forget what I said, people will forget what I did, people will never forget what I made them feel.”


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