Vivid Laurels

Written by G Shrinithyaa

Spring is a beautiful season aptly known as “Queen of Seasons”. Every flower that blooms in every color makes life pleasant, warm and joyous to see, feel and look forward. Spring season is welcome in every country and stands as a mark of auspicious beginning of a lovely harvest. Farmers, workers and people who are involved with nature celebrate and pray for a fertile season with prosperity and sunshine.

Here’s a little poem on flowers that adorn the Spring season,

When I think of selflessness,
my mind gets to thinking of a flower!
Flowers are natural expressions
of love, divinity, and humility!
I look at the beautiful lotus
Learning how to be detached
I look at the lovely jasmine
Learning to spread fragrance
I look at the adorable rose
Learning to express love
I look at the unique hibiscus
Learning to stretch beyond limits
I look at the bright sunflower
Learning to turn toward light
I look at the fresh lily
Learning to be pure in everything!
The list can go on…
Flowers are expressions
of the love of the divine!
Stay selfless and never say mine!

This book is a beautiful dedication to flowers that are God’s gift and also to farmers and people in agricultural field who celebrate the arrival of Spring season. Enjoy the photos and quotes of Spring season with this edition of “Vivid Laurels” and share the book with your loved ones


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