Venom Wars of the Desert Realm

Written by Michael C. Baumann
Category: · Children’s Books

For centuries, there has been peace in the Desert Realm, where animals of every shape and size live together in harmony. However, when a menacing force known as the “Venomous Ones” kidnap the unborn son of King Aridin and Queen Sparra, that peace comes to an end.

With war and conflict on the horizon, three brave young hares are entrusted with the task of finding and rescuing the kidnapped prince and bringing order to the Realm. Armed with ancient weapons and aided by allies like Honu the great tortoise and the Elders of the Desert, the heroes then embark on an epic quest across various astonishing landscapes, all in hopes of restoring stability to the world they once knew.

Rollicking, fun, and deeply imaginative, Venom Wars of the Desert Realm is the first in a sweeping fantasy series that will capture the imaginations of young readers everywhere.


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