Vegan Cookbook for Beginners: How to Make Easy, Plant-Based Recipes

Written by Thom Logan

Have you ever considered taking up a healthy vegan lifestyle?

What is it that has held you back from taking the plunge?

Do you imagine that it’s all about eating lentils and tofu?

Vegan living has taken huge strides in the past few years. Gone are the stereotypical images of nut roasts, lentil curry and lettuce salad, while in has come a trend of some exciting cuisine, better education and greater knowledge of the benefits.

In this new book, Vegan Cookbook for Beginners: How to Make Easy, Plant-Based Recipes, you can now find some fabulous recipes that will make life a lot easier as you transition into a vegan diet and lifestyle, with ideas for:

  • Filling breakfasts
  • Tasty lunches
  • Dinner recipes for any occasion
  • Desserts
  • Snacks
  • And more…

With a look at getting the basic principles right, a handy conversion chart for measurements and some important vegan FAQs, this is the perfect book for anyone willing to take a step towards a healthy and ethical choice.

With amazing dishes like Lemon Broccoli Pasta Skillet, The Green Monster Burger and Rich Vegan Brownies there will always be something that you can make that will satisfy any hunger.

Get a copy today and see how you can seamlessly move to a vegan diet today!


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