Vankara (Book 1, Vankara Saga)

Written by S.J. West

Vankara, an island nation founded by runaway mages, finds itself besieged by a series of mysterious plagues which decimate half the world’s population. When the Queen of Vankara falls ill from one of the plagues, she calls upon the talents of Sarah Harker. As a shifter, Sarah is physically able to transform into another person but only if she is touching them at the moment of their death, gaining not only their physical form but also some of their memories. Queen Emma Vankar entrust Sarah with the responsibility of protecting the people of Vankara from the ever growing greed of those in parliament and from the ambitious hands of Aleksander Chromis, dictator of the Chromis Empire and ardent suitor for the queen’s hand in marriage. To help Sarah become the ruler Vankara needs, the queen enlists the help of her trusted political advisor, Gabriel, and her estranged lover, Captain John Fallon. Sarah soon finds herself at the center of a mystery when she discovers the cause of the plagues, uncovering a diabolical conspiracy to conceal the truth of their origins.

Vankara takes place in a Neo-Victorian setting where zeppelins, automatons, dragons and magic exist.


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