True Crime Story: I Survived A Monster

Written by Opal Roux

The true life story of 15-year-old Betty Lee Hanson who escaped serial killer, Ralph Andrews on Christmas night, 1973. Ralph Raymond Andrews killed continuously throughout the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s in Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan, able to elude the police many, many times. Dozens of girls lost their lives at his hands. Andrews died in prison in January of 2006, too afraid to undergo life saving heart surgery. It is believed he killed more than Bundy, Gacy and Manson. Possibly 40 girls were kidnapped, raped and eviscerated. Only Ralph and God know the exact body count. This is the true story of the modern day Jack-the-Ripper. A haunting story of fierce determination and survival that will remind you that every breath is precious and every day a gift.

Author’s Note: This book is NOT a detailed account of the forensics but rather a story of SURVIVAL. Ralph Andrews escaped trials many times and was never charged for most of his killings so there are no court documents included in this book and no forensics though he was questioned as a suspect in many of the murders. Many times he was only questioned once and never charged at all with the exception of a trial in 1976 for attempted murder and unlawful restraint of one woman and for the murder of Virginia Griffin in 1991. Information on those two trials were obtained from The Chicago Tribune and are included in the book. While in prison in the 90’s he confessed to killing 40 girls and women in the Cold Case Confessions tapes after authorities found a written list of women he killed in his jell cell. This book details the survivor’s story and includes insightful interviews with friends and family of the victims and one former friend of the killer. This is the true story of how a 15-year-old girl escaped during a blizzard on Christmas night and her fight to put him behind bars for good.

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