True Crime Stories Volume 10: 12 Shocking True Crime Murder Cases (True Crime Anthology)

Written by Jack Rosewood

Can’t get enough of gruesome True Crime stories and endless turn of events? Then this book is for you.

In the following pages of this true crime anthology, you will be introduced to some of the most tragic crime cases in modern history. The twelve crimes profiled in this volume will keep your eyes glued to the pages, although sometimes due to the shocking nature you will undoubtedly want to turn away.

The primary theme of this volume is youth violence and some of the factors that have driven kids to kill. Some of the reasons were as shocking as the crimes themselves, such as the case of the two thirteen-year-old boys who killed one of the boy’s grandmother so they could buy some marijuana and have a pizza party. You will also read about teens who killed just for fun, such as Don Collins, while the motives for other teen murderers remain a mystery.

The tragic case of the murder of the Doss family highlights that sometimes people, even teenagers, don’t need a reason to kill. Along with the profiles of teen killers are other chapters that examine cold case murder mysteries and other cases that can only be described as strange or bizarre. No matter the content, each of the twelve chapters are riveting and will keep you wanting to read more.

So come along for a journey into the depraved criminal mind. The world you are about to enter may frighten and shock you, but you will also be intrigued as you learn what makes some of the worst killers tick…


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