Treachery: Murder, Cocaine, and the Lucifer Directive

Written by Robert O'Dowd

TREACHERY is the story of murder, gun running, cocaine trafficking, and inherent evil of using covert operations to conduct the business of government. A drug pipeline from Central America fueled the crack cocaine epidemic, resulting in the deaths, addictions and imprisonments of thousands of Americans. Billions were made from the sales of cocaine in the US, dwarfing the money made from the sales of weapons to the Iranians. The evidence was there but not taken up by the Lawrence E. Wash, the Iran/Contra special prosecutor, or mentioned during the Iran/Contra hearings. A military aircraft swap scam was reported to Janet Napolitano, then the U.S. Attorney for Arizona, involving the transfer of over 60 military aircraft stored at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base (the Air Force’s boneyard) to individuals and companies involved in smuggling weapons and narcotics. No action was taken on the report. Marine Colonel James E. Sabow at Marine Corps Air Station El Toro, CA, was murdered to prevent him from blowing-the-whistle on a guns-for-drugs covert operation. The Naval Investigative Service (NIS) called Colonel Sabow’s death a suicide. There were no fingerprints on the shotgun, no suicide note, no indications of depression. Crime scene tampering by the NIS was documented. An internationally renowned forensic pathologist called his death a homicide. The forensic evidence supports a violent blow to the head. The killers inserted the shotgun into his mouth to fake the suicide. Incendiary devices and napalm in soda cans caused a fire and explosion on Arrow Air 1285, a military chartered DC-8, carrying two hundred and forty-eight 101st Airborne troops returning from a peacekeeping mission in the Sinai. There were no survivors. This was the worst American military air disaster. The Canadian and US governments denied terrorist involvement while the aircraft burned on the ground. Dr. Cyril H. Wecht, forensic pathologist and attorney, reported carbon monoxide in 50 toxicological profiles, supporting fire and possible explosion on the airborne aircraft. In a video tape interview, Jubal Aviv, former Mossad agent, anti-terrorism expert, and FOX news consultant said an intelligence chopper landing at Gander while the DC-8 was refueling. Four men with government credentials left the chopper, loading a crate on the aircraft. The head of the LAPD Bomb Squad traced the crash to incendiary devices manufactured by an Arizona company, sold exclusively to the CIA. He and his partner were murdered in a booby-trapped pipe bomb the following month.


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