Written by Adam J Nicolai

Without warning on a sunny June afternoon, all life on Earth vanishes. Reeling and alone in the aftermath, Alan and his son Todd scrounge through the ruins of civilization to survive.

Finding food and water is easy. Electric power is harder. But Alan has his own search, one he tries to hide from his son: after a lifelong struggle with depression, his scarcest resource now is a reason to keep living.

Through wildfires and tornadoes, as the deadly cold of a Minnesota winter draws closer, the two ask questions that may never be answered. Why did this happen? Why were they spared? They don’t realize that behind the empty sky, the entity that did this still watches.

Or that its plans have only begun.

“Fans of Nicolai’s excellent emotional thriller, Alex, will be enthralled with the world he’s created here. Scary, heartfelt, and brimming with pathos, Todd is a story that grabs hold of you and doesn’t let go.” -Joe Hart, author of The River Is Dark and The Last Girl.


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