Through It All: A Memoir Of Love And Loss

Written by Heddy Keith

This is a story about how post-traumatic stress disorder affected one woman’s life. Through It All resonates with anyone who has found love and lost it.
A healing memoir of love and loss. HEDDY finds true love as a young girl, but suddenly and unexpectedly loses it. Thirty-seven years later, inspired by her daughter’s questioning, her heart attack, and heart bypass surgery, the divorced school teacher sets out to find out what happened to her lost love. Driven by her undying love for LEON SMITH, she searches for answers to long-standing questions. She yearns to be in his arms again.

Heddy kept Leon in her heart throughout the years and various relationships including her marriage. She thinks, maybe he was killed in the Vietnam War, but secretly hopes he is alive and that they can be together again. She searches online for information on Vietnam causalities, veterans, missing in action, and prisoners of war but never finds him listed anywhere. Consumed by her desire to find out what happened to her lost love, she stops at nothing to reveal the truth.
“There’s magic in writing. I began by journaling my memories and feelings. Through this process, I found that expressive writing is a great healer. There were times when the emotional pain was so intense that I stopped writing, but eventually returned.


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