The Vietnam War: Soldier Stories: Untold Tales of Soldiers on the Battlefields of the Vietnam War (Vietnam war, soldier stories, Gunship Pilot, Marine Corp, Vietnam History, Vietnam memoirs)

Written by Ryan Jenkins
Category: · History

The Heroes from One of our Most Controversial Wars, The Vietnam War



Both Sides of the Story
Vietnam is one of the most hotly debated wars. Should we have been there? Did the people of Vietnam really want our help? Did our presence there really help them? These are questions that will haunt the history books for many decades or even centuries to come.

What we do know, is that some men that fought in this highly unpopular war were heroes. They put their own lives on the line, often making the ultimate sacrifice, to save the lives of other men in their units. When thinking of Vietnam it’s important to remember that many of the men there volunteered to avoid being drafted or were unwillingly drafted into service. Others volunteered under a sense of patriotism and believed in the leaders of our country. Regardless of their reason for being there, many of them fought and died.

These are the stories of the heroes. These are the stories of just a handful of men that put the good of their unit above their own personal safety in hopes that they could help one more man go home at the end of it all. Countless lives were saved through their bravery and if nothing else, their sacrifice should be remembered and honored. Soldiers on both sides gave their lives for a cause that many would question for decades to come. Here we look at those that fought, those that lost, and why this war was started to begin with.

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Comments From Other Readers

“There’s so much negativity surrounding the actions of immoral men that were there that we forget that many of them were good men, moral men. Books like this one are needed more than ever. It’s good to finally read about the good men that served in that war.” – Leslie (Oklahoma, USA)

“This book brings that simple fact into the light where it should be. There was little noble about this war other than some of the men that laid their lives on the line to save each other and the innocents that they came across. We should never forget that. Bravo to the author” – David (Illinois, USA)


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