The Vanishing Act (Catacomb Mysteries Book 2)

Written by Mary Litton

Will and Molly are needed again in the catacombs! After Will mysteriously disappears, Molly must find the courage to navigate the catacombs all by herself.

Someone has gone back in time and changed the story of Moses in the basket. Now the basket is trapped on the river. With the pull of a switch, Will and Molly are transported back to ancient Egypt where they meet Moses’ mother and sister. Together, they must return the basket safely back to the reeds so that the Pharaoh’s daughter can find it.

Set within another fun adventure, The Vanishing Act explores a foundational Bible story by exploring details about Moses’ family and explaining his importance in our faith. Using memory verses and references, readers will become more familiar with the Bible’s books, chapters, and verses.


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