The Ultimate Low Carb Diet Book: Plus 50 Free Low Carb Recipes (Low Carb Diet – Weight Loss for life)

Written by David M. Gibbs

This Low Carb book will explain the a-z of how this popular diet works. The science behind it and how it will ultimately lead you to a happier, healthier you.
Everything you need to know about low carb diets plus a bonus of 50 free low carb recipes to get your taste buds tingling and waist lines shrinking.
The ultimate guide for a healthy eating lifestyle and how it actually works for you to enjoy long term benefits.

Good and Bad carbs
As a general rule, carbohydrates that are in their natural, fiber-rich form are healthy, while those that have been stripped of their fiber are not. With the above mind set, some carbs are good while the other is bad; although people attribute these to the glycemic index, insulin surges, the types of carbohydrates etc. well, let’s take a look at what it truly means:
Good carbs: “Good” carbs is used to describe foods that have more fiber and complex carbohydrates by choosing fiber-rich carbohydrate choices from the vegetable, fruit, and grain groups and avoid added sugars. The features of good carbs are listed below:
•The calorie density is low or moderate
•High in an enormous variety of nutrients
•Devoid in reduced sugar and refined grains
•High natural fibre content
•Low in saturated fat
•Low in sodium
•Little or no cholesterol


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