The Third Reich: What Hitler Didn’t Want You to Know

Written by Joanna Richter
Category: · History

Every government holds secrets. Every government does things behind the scenes, but you’ve been looking for information on Hitler, but the information you’ve found make your head spin and leaves you with more questions than then you started. This book has been made by researching, compiling, and digging deeper to get you the information about what the Reich was up to during the Second World War. This book will walk you through each tightly held secret, project, and answer the questions you have in a concise and straight forward manner. I have taken the time to put each of their secrets in separate chapters to make the book easy to come back to and refresh your memory on a particular topic without endless scrolling and searching through the index. So, what are you waiting for?

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

– Rudolf Hess
– The Treasure
– The Secret Missions
– The Disappearing U-Boat
-Was Hitler Mad?
– Was Hitler Betrayed?
– An Antarctic Base?


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