The Secret of the Dark Galaxy Stone (Balky Point Adventures Book 2)

Written by Pam Stucky
Category: · Children’s Books

Time travel.
Ghost planets.
Infinite universes.
Underwater worlds.
And a place between the universes where absolutely everything is possible.

Return to the lighthouse at Balky Point for even more thrilling adventures with Emma, Charlie, Eve, Ben, Dr. Waldo, and all the rest!

The Balky Point Adventures

This smart and fun young adult science fiction adventure series takes teens Emma, Charlie, Eve, and Ben, along with brilliant but quirky Dr. Waldo and a host of others, on adventures through time and space. Reminiscent of A Wrinkle in Time, with just a dash of Doctor Who, the Balky Point Adventures are for readers of all ages who love a good romp through the imaginative marvels of the universes, delivered with heart and wonder.

The Secret of the Dark Galaxy Stone

Book 2 of the Balky Point Adventures: Teens Emma and Charlie have returned to Balky Point for their winter break, and are reunited with friends Eve and Ben. This time the group is unraveling clues on their quest to find Eve’s mother, but first they must track down Dr. Waldo, who has mysteriously gone missing. Their travels once again take them to far-flung places, from the other side of the Earth, to another ghost planet, to a world filled with beings they could not have imagined. Meanwhile, Emma is troubled by news that her method of travel in the past may have threatened her life, and is confronted with revelations of what lies in her future.

Praise for The Universes Inside the Lighthouse

“Aliens, infinite universes, ghosts AND time travel … a winning literary combination if ever there was one.” — Just One More Chapter reviews

“Reminded me of Christopher Pike’s wonderful series Spooksville (one of my all time favourites growing up) …. The plot was full of twists and turns … it was suspenseful and exciting, a perfect children’s adventure story and a compelling read. I would recommend this to anyone with teenagers that enjoy adventure stories of any kind, and I can’t wait for the second in the series.” — Alison, Chapter One Reviews

“I never grew tired of seeing what [the author] might come up with next…. What would it be like to visit other planets? As someone who has often wondered about this, I was intrigued by all of the places that these characters see. Earth is unique in many different ways. It was nice to see this subtly acknowledged before the author went on to show the amazing range of possibilities. I would have liked to visit (almost) all of them.” — Astilbe, Long and Short Reviews”

“I recommend this book to fans of Doctor Who, and anyone who loves to read Sci-Fi novels.” — Rachel, Rachel’s Really Random Reviews

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